Grease kit for 200 Kg drums with trolley and hose reel


Wheeled grease kit for 200 kg drums equipped with hose reel with automatic hose rewinding.

The ideal solution for high pressure greasing by fishing directly from commercial 200 kg drums.

A high-performance pneumatic pump allows rapid delivery of grease to lubricate: agricultural machines, bulldozers, tractors, trucks, earth-moving machines, tracked machines and any mechanical component that requires the introduction of high-pressure grease.

Maximum achievable pressure 400 bar.

A heavy steel disc, equipped with a lip seal on the outer edge and an O-ring on the central hub, compresses the grease avoiding the formation of air pockets and ensuring the suction of the entire contents of the drum which would otherwise remain attached to the walls of the same.

Article cod. 1350 consisting of:

  • art. 5080 – Air-operated grease pump ratio 50:1 for 200 kg drums
  • art. 7830 – Air lubricator and pressure regulator
  • art. 5605 – 4 wheels trolley with brake for 200 Kg drums
  • art. 71900 – Automatic hose-reel with distributing hose 15 m length
  • art. 7115 – R2 ¼” connection hose among pump and hose-reel 2 m length
  • art. 5950 – Grease gun with flexible pipe and coupler
  • art. 6110 – Triple swivel coupler
  • art. 7320H – Follower plate, HEAVY, for drums internal diameter 570 mm
  • art. 7420 – Drum cover diameter 600 mm